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Welcome to DrHenele.com - Your Home for Energetic Health

Energetic Health is for everyone serious about taking great care of themselves naturally! A perfect blend of proven science & time-tested wisdom developed over the last 15 years in clinics and classrooms to make sure it really works. Your body is designed to heal in ways some believe impossible...


...Energetic Health is the 'How To'...How to make the impossible...possible!


How to create a thriving lifestyle based upon Dr Henele's Principles of Energetic Health.


How to make 'I Feel  AMAZING!' your new everyday normal. 


Energetic Health is the 'How To' approach pioneered by natural health expert, Dr Henele, for building sustainable energy throughout your life. Healing with Natural Medicine is a lot easier than many people make it out to be...when we understand and honor the single most important factor...


'The Single Most Important Factor In All Natural Healing Is Energy Production.'

                                                  -Dr Henele, Author of Energetic Health Volume 1                              

How Dr H Can Help You

  • Passionate about helping others reclaim their health?  AWESOME! So are we. Check out our sweet courses in Holistic Nutrition. Feed your passion with lessons that are as fun as they are functional.  Every lesson with Dr Henele will leave you wanting more. Along the way, we'll help you develop all the skills you'll need to make a difference as a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

  • Have a health concern or just seeking better physical performance?  Consult with Dr H 1-on-1. He'll take the time to really listen to you, investigate your health, and develop a plan that will work for you. After all, how can someone really understand you in a 5-minute appointment? It's time to put an end to the days of spending more time in the waiting room than with your doctor. Get the lasting results you can feel!



Whatever your needs he can help...You're gonna love the feeling of Energetic Health!


And You're Gonna Love What Dr H Can Do For You!

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